Why McMinnville Oregon is the Best Place for a Wine Weekend Getaway

Are You An Avid Wine Lover?

For many individuals, relaxing at home with a glass of after a hard’s day work is the norm. For others, wine tasting is a hobby. With so many different formulas and vintages out there, a wine taster’s job is never done. One of the greatest ways that someone who enjoys wine can spend their weekend is by traveling to McMinnville in the state of Oregon. This charming town has become a getaway for the elite who live and work in Portland. Why? Because it not only has great shops filled with luxury brands and excellent food–it also has world-class wineries. If you want to make your wine weekend getaway a success, here’s why you need to travel to McMinnville, Oregon. 

1. World-Class

Many people who visit McMinnville for their wine consider the town to offer vintages that are world-class. In particular, the area has become known for its Pinot Noirs. So, if you happen to have a love for the blend, then you need to try the samples that the area offers. In fact, their Pinot Noirs have people traveling from other states just to try them. If you want a Pinot Noir that is unlike anything else, then you need to visit McMinnville. 

2. Quantity 

Besides having great tasting wine, you can also find plenty of wineries in the area. To really make your weekend getaway successful, you can’t just visit one or two wineries and call it down. You need to be able to go on a tour. That’s what McMinnville has to offer. You can sit down at quite a few different wineries and try their wares, learn about their history, and perhaps take a few bottles back home. Vineyards, themselves, are worth exploring and seeing for their aesthetic beauty. For a weekend getaway done right, head to McMinnville. 

3. Restaurants

Besides tasting wine, you’re going to need something to soak up all of the alcohol that you’re taking into your body. You can find just as much pleasure with food as you can with wine. The town has an Italian-American restaurant that features fire-cooked pizzas, lasagnas, and other mouth-watering comfort food that is sure to help keep you sober so that you can keep wine tasting. 

4. Lodging Options

Another incredible thing about visiting McMinnville for a wine weekend getaway are all the places there are to stay during your trip. The number of lodging options is endless. Whether you want a more simple feel by staying at a hotel or you want a little more upscale stay at a McMinnville bed and breakfast, you will be able to find this and more! Start planning your trip here today.