Tips on How to Manage Your Thermostat Temperature While On Vacation

Before you head out of your home for vacation, consider what changes you can make to have the thermostat run more efficiently and save you money on energy costs. Many homes today will either feature a smart thermostat, programmable thermostat or manual thermostat. Regardless of the type of thermostat that you have, there are ways to keep your home safe and running efficiently while you travel.

Tips to manage your smart thermostat
A smart thermostat allows you to program the temperature in advance and it may feature the option to change settings from a remote location, like your mobile device or from your laptop in the hotel room. These thermostats may also feature an “Away” mode or “Vacation” mode to help it run more efficiently.

Some smart thermostats may even recommend that you turn it off when traveling because it will know to kick in with safety temperatures, should your home need to be brought back to a safe temperature level. Typically, 85 degrees Fahrenheit will protect any plants and your other belongings in your home during warm months. And, if you are traveling during the winter months, setting the thermostat between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit helps prevent any pipes from bursting or freezing.

Tips to manage your programmable thermostat
If you have a programmable thermostat, it will allow you to program the thermostat in advance like the smart thermostat. You do not want to turn off your thermostat like you may for some smart thermostats. Keep it switched to auto mode for air circulation or at 85 degrees Fahrenheit during the warmer months.

Tips to manage your manual thermostat
If you have a manual thermostat in your home, follow the recommended temperature settings noted in the other sections. You may not be able to make adjustments to your thermostat once you leave your home. You can call a good neighbor or friend can help you change the temperature setting on your thermostat if there should be a major fluctuation in the outdoor temperature.

To keep your home safe and to save money on heating and cooling costs when you’re away, consider re-setting the temperature according to the tips provided.

About the author: Lauren is a guest contributor from North Winds Heating & Cooling, a Lansing, MI HVAC company that can help you install a new thermostat to get you ready for vacation.