The Best Tours to Take in Eureka Springs, AR

Located in Northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a picturesque town in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. In the historic district, you will find a wealth of perfectly preserved Victorian buildings, drawing countless visitors yearly. If wandering the windy streets and taking in the historic splendor of Victorian-style manors and cottages appeals to you, Eureka Springs is the perfect destination.

Tram Tours
Get to know the charm of Eureka Springs up close from an open-air tram. You will pass by the hundreds of historic homes and buildings the town is famous for on your ninety-minute tour. Narrated by an experienced local guide, you can learn about the town while taking in the sights. Tours will give you the chance to explore the interior of the beautiful 1886 Crescent Hotel as well as visit Grotto Spring.

Downtown Underground Tour
If you prefer to see the town on foot, check out the Downtown Underground Tour. Here you will see many historic sites you would have easily missed while exploring on your own. Learn about the 1922 bank robbery and discover parts of the old tunnel system.

Haunted Eureka Springs Tour
If you enjoy your history a little more on the spooky side, then book a tour with Haunted Eureka Springs. Visit various local historic sites and find out why they are believed to be haunted. Here you will learn about ghost hunting both in the Victorian and modern era, as well as have the chance to get hands-on with some ghost hunting tools.

Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour
Touring the Crescent Hotel is another perfect opportunity for a haunted adventure in a historic building. The Crescent Ghost Tour allows you to explore the 1886 Crescent Hotel and learn about the many ghosts who are said to haunt its halls to this day. Who knows, you may even spot a ghost yourself.

Zipline Tours
If you’re looking to get away from the historic section and enjoy some of the amazing natural splendor of the area, be sure to check out Ozark Mountain Ziplines. This is a thrilling way to see the gorgeous scenery of the Ozark Mountains from up to 300 feet in the air! From the beautiful hardwood forests to limestone cliffs, there’s no better way to see the region.

Belle of the Ozarks
Taking a tour on the Belle of the Ozarks is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful Beaver Lake. Guests will enjoy seeing such sites as the Ozark Bluff Dweller’s burial ground, a two hundred acre game preserve island and even an underwater “ghost” town. You may also catch glimpses of bald eagles in the fall or deer swimming in the lake. If you enjoy the calm scenery of Beaver Lake during your tour, there are also Beaver Lake cabins you can stay in during your vacation.