The Best Skiing and Snowboarding Spots in Winter Park, CO

Winter Park is located less than 70 miles northwest of Denver and provides some of the best skiing in Colorado. The area averages over 320 inches of snowfall each year. Combine this with 300 days of sunshine and you have a perfect recipe for fun. Winter Park is divided into seven territories that offer something for all skill levels, making it a destination for families as well as serious skiers and snowboarders alike!

The Winter Park territory offers beginner lessons at the Ski + Ride School. They also offer childcare for children ages six months to six years. Beginners will discover that 27 percent of the groomed snow and long cruisers are designed just for them. The rest of the territory is covered with more challenging terrain.

The Vasquez Ridge territory steps up the challenge from the previous entry. The “Intermediate” level terrain is covered with untouched powder, even days after a fresh snowfall. Those looking for a real challenge will discover that over half of the 282.6 acres of this territory is classified as “Most Difficult.”

The Parsenn Bowl territory is an Intermediate-friendly area that offers more than a breathtaking view. A wide-open bowl ends in beautiful glades more than 1,600 feet below. Nearly half of this territory is classified as “Advanced,” offering skiers and snowboarders plenty of challenges.

Jibs, jumps, and rails rule in the Terrain Park territory. A system of six parks offers over 80 features. Grasp the basics in the Starter & Bouncer park before moving on to the Ash Cat, Gangway, and the Re-Railer areas. The Rail Yard is the most advanced terrain park and includes the Dark Territory, a controlled-accessed section for those with top-level skills!

World-class bumps and tree skiing are abundant in the Mary Jane territory. Nearly 60 percent of the 1031 acres offers the “Most Difficult” level of skiing and snowboarding. Bumpy, challenging, and long is what the legendary lady offers to those up for the challenge.

Feeling out-of-bounds without actually being out-of-bounds best describes the incredible tree skiing of the Eagle Wind territory. Over 308 acres covered with pristine powder offers tree and glad skiing classified as “Most Difficult.”

The Cirque territory offers the most extreme double-black diamond terrain in the Winter Park area. All of the un-groomed backcountry skiing here is classified as “Most Difficult” or “Expert Only.” This is where skiers and snowboarders can truly push their limits!

If you’re organizing a group ski trip, Winter Park rentals are the best way to enjoy the slopes and your time with your friends and family.