Everything You Need To Know About The Santa Fe Opera

The Santa Fe Opera is a fantastic opera company and a great addition to your travel plans to Santa Fe in the summer. Each summer season has a repertoire of five operas ranging from the Baroque era to new works. The 2017 season includes works that are as varied as Alcina, written by Handel, and The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, written by American composer Mason Bates.
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Things to Do on a New Mexico Road Trip for Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us and it’s no secret that everyone is scrambling to plan a vacation to Florida or book a group cruise to the Caribbean–or someplace warm. The hottest Spring Break months fall in March and April–typically March for college students and April for high schoolers, so there’s not much time left to plan with it being the middle of January.

If you’re wanting to head somewhere warm, but perhaps not as typical of a Spring Break destination as everyone else, consider New Mexico. You might think:┬áit’s mostly desert, with not a lot to do. You would be wrong.

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