Spend a Day in Downtown Cle Elum, WA

When people think of Washington State, they typically think of the major cities along the western coast: Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle, and so on. Yet located ninety minutes east of Seattle is Cle Elum: a small town filled with a surprising amount of fun things to do.

When visiting Cle Elum for the first time, the Visitor’s Center is the first stop to make, located on West 1st Street. There, a whole slew of information is available on what to do in town, with guides and maps readily available to help any guest plan out his or her day. Cle Elum is a historical town and is home to a handful of museums and even a memorial. The Douglas A. Munro Memorial and Laurel Hill Memorial Cemetery commemorates a U.S. Coast Guard soldier who saved the lives of hundreds of Marines during World War II and the only U.S. Coast Guard soldier to ever receive a Medal of Honor.

The Carpenter House Museum and Art Gallery is a 1914 mansion for visitors to explore and learn about the life of Frank Carpenter and his family. Alongside the original furnishings of the family, the High Country Artists display their art on the main floor of the museum each month. The Milwaukee Railroad Depot and Memorial (located in South Cle Elum) and the Telephone Museum (located in downtown Cle Elum) are two other hot locations to visit in Cle Elum.

For those who aren’t super invested in the history side of Cle Elum, there are a few local attractions that are a must! The Tire Rim Stature and the Whimsical Wheelbarrow Tower are sights that one can only imagine! That is, until he or she visits the sites and witnesses it in person! The further out from downtown visitors travel, the more of the nature aspects can come into play. Cle Elum also features Basalt Columns, horseback riding, a few farms, golf and disc golf, wineries, and Iron Horse State Park. Geared for children and adults alike, these attractions allow Cle Elum to be the perfect place to visit for a few days.

Truly, Cle Elum is filled with tons of activities and sights for the average traveler. Between the adventure and the history the town has to offer, Cle Elum is just as great a place to visit as some of the major cities on the western coast of Washington State. If you’re looking to stay awhile, check out the homes offered through Vacation Rental 365. You’ll get to experience the best of Cle Elum and retreat to a home away from home once your days are over.