Instagram Worthy Spots in Northern California

A #nofilter getaway

Northern California is famous for stunning cityscapes and sweeping natural panoramas. In this area, manmade marvels mingle with nature’s eye-widening beauty, making for many Instagram worthy sites. This state is home to amazing #nofilter spots.

The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s tallest and longest suspension bridge. Spanning over 4,200 feet and rising by 746 feet, this iconic structure has become a beloved part of the cityscape. First opened in 1937, the bridge’s signature red color blends effortlessly with the surrounding landscape.

For the visitor to San Francisco, capturing a photo of this iconic bridge will provide great memories for years to come. While the city is replete with good photo spots, two stand out above the rest.

Hawk Hill. This overlook on the Marin Headlands provides a bird’s eye view of the Golden Gate Bridge. When you snap your Instagram photo, your followers will be able to see the structure in its full length.

Crissy Field. Though closer to ground than Hawk Hill, Crissy Field brings you up close to this stretching structure without sacrificing visibility. This popular location is situated on a one mile length of beach. Perfect for family picnics, this destination is perfect for capturing both a photo of the bridge as well as your followers’ attention.

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Mount Shasta

Few spots possess the keen visual clarity of Mount Shasta. On a clear day in midwinter, this towering giant can be viewed from as far away as California’s Central Valley (a distance of 140 miles). Mount Shasta, proudly rising from the southern end of the Cascade Range, boasts an elevation of 14,179 feet.

This ancient giant hosts a number of activities for visitors. From hiking and climbing to camping and fishing, vacationers can enjoy a relaxing getaway under Mount Shasta’s majestic shadow. If you are planning a vacation to Mount Shasta, there are many places to stay nearby. Dunsmuir is less than 12 miles away and offers a variety of places to stay including the unique Railroad Park Resort. Wherever your adventures take you, this volcanic peak will be front and center.

A #nofilter getaway

Northern California is a repository of natural wonders and architectural feats. Whether you’re sweeping over the Golden Gate Bridge’s expansive length or rising with Mount Shasta’s alpine peak, this Pacific state will permanently etch itself into your memory.