Fall Food To Have At A Washington Wedding

Fall weddings¬†are beautiful, especially with the vibrant fall colors in Washington. You should pick a wedding venue in Washington state that has gorgeous fall colors. After you’ve booked the venue, ask about local food vendors that offer fall foods.¬† Here are some delicious food options for a fall wedding in Washington.

It is hard to imagine fall in Washington without famous Washington apples. These sweet fall treats are easy to include in a variety of courses. For the main dish, try pork braised in an apple marinade. For an appetizer, dates wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon are delicious. Mini apple dumplings also make a perfect dessert.

Nothing says fall like squash. This versatile vegetable can be easily worked into dishes to add color and flavor. Pumpkin ravioli is a delicious vegetarian option. Butternut squash is a good substitute for potatoes in a fall scalloped potato dish. Zucchini pie is a wonderful option for desserts.

Hearty Dishes
As the weather starts to change, hearty dishes become more popular. A hearty soup is a wonderful first course for a wedding meal. Beef options such as roasts or tender cuts of steak become more popular as the weather cools. Pies and warm desserts are more common. Think of your favorite warm-weather food. There is usually a way to adapt this to a wedding setting.

Harvest Food
This is where food can get a little bit creative. Fall is the time for harvest all over the country, and Washington is no exception. Fresh vegetables like corn and green beans make excellent side dishes for dinner. Fresh greens can be used in a stuffed chicken breast or as a starter salad. Garden vegetables like tomato and bell peppers can be used for a salsa appetizer. Fresh tomato can also make a great pasta sauce. Sweet potatoes make a great mashed potato dish. The possibilities are endless with this!

Washington is a wonderful state for seafood. It is not hard to give this seafood a fall flavor. Apple smoked salmon is a delicious main dish. A shrimp or crab appetizer can help guests get a good taste of the best seafood available in the state. Seafood can be a main dish, but there are many ways to work seafood into appetizers, sauces, and dips.

Ciders and Wines
Washington is the second largest state for wine production in the United States. A fall cider or wine is a great way to combine a local flavor with a fall flavor. If you prefer, many local vineyards also have non-alcoholic versions as well.

These are just a few ideas that can help bring a fall flavor to a Washington wedding.