Things to Do on a New Mexico Road Trip for Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us and it’s no secret that everyone is scrambling to plan a vacation to Florida or book a group cruise to the Caribbean–or someplace warm. The hottest Spring Break months fall in March and April–typically March for college students and April for high schoolers, so there’s not much time left to plan with it being the middle of January.

If you’re wanting to head somewhere warm, but perhaps not as typical of a Spring Break destination as everyone else, consider New Mexico. You might think: it’s mostly desert, with not a lot to do. You would be wrong.

New Mexico is ideal for the avid road tripper. With miles and miles of open road with much to explore, here’s what you can do on a New Mexico road trip this spring. Continue reading “Things to Do on a New Mexico Road Trip for Spring Break”

Relaxing at the Beach

Do you know the best thing about my travels?  Relaxing at the beach.  I absolutely love kicking back with a cocktail in hand, sitting (laying) under an umbrella or canopy…in a hammock if I have one, more cocktails in hand, listening to the waves crash against the shore.  I like the sounds of the sea birds even though the birds themselves annoy me greatly.  I wonder what it would be like to have a private beach…a space where nary a soul would wander and I could hang out all day and night without worrying about getting pelted with a beach ball or frisbee.  Then again, if there wasn’t another soul around, who would bring me cocktails?  *sigh*  Compromises…