Summertime Train Tours to Alaska

Most people associate Alaska with frigid temperatures, snow-scapes, Eskimos and the Northern Lights. Despite this stigma, Alaska boasts comfortable weather and beautiful greenery in most of the state in the summertime. Inland areas, like Fairbanks and Denali, have the warmest temperatures with highs reaching into the 90s. The Southcentral climate in Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula and the surrounding area are usually mild with temperatures in the 60s and 70s.

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The Best Skiing and Snowboarding Spots in Winter Park, CO

Winter Park is located less than 70 miles northwest of Denver and provides some of the best skiing in Colorado. The area averages over 320 inches of snowfall each year. Combine this with 300 days of sunshine and you have a perfect recipe for fun. Winter Park is divided into seven territories that offer something for all skill levels, making it a destination for families as well as serious skiers and snowboarders alike!

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The Best Things to do on University of Florida’s Campus

Taking a trip to the University of Florida? The campus encompasses over 2,000 acres, or 3.125 square miles, and has the fifth most actively enrolled students of all public universities in the United States. Whether you’re a prospective student, tourist, or looking to move to the area, the campus has a lot to offer! Gainesville, affectionately called Gatorville or G-ville after the university’s mascot, is a great place to visit.
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